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Our Products



We work closely with local roasters Unity Coffee in Murwillumbah, who aim to build a strong, honest link between the growers and consumers.

Unity Roasters use only the highest quality beans available on today’s market, offering two enchanting blends;

Our Primary Blend combines the flavours of Dark cacao, creamy hazelnut and deep cherry to create a  rich and extremely versatile blend with a balanced and extremely enjoyable profile  as a black coffee or served with your favourite milk or milk alternative.


Our second blend is a light but complex aromatic roast, with big blueberry flavours and delicate citrus undertones. Lighter roasting elevates the natural sweetness of the berries and showcases the fruity flavours to create a delectable profile and that unique lingering blueberry flavour you  wont forget any time soon.

When deciding on what additional products to offer alongside our coffee, we automatically leaned towards showcasing the products we regularly consume and love ourselves.  This way we are able to support small local businesses, like ours, who provide quality, passion-filled products, whilst also keeping health and sustainability factors in mind.


On our coffees and chocolate elixirs we use ‘Puremelt’ organic chocolate powder, which contains certified organic ingredients, and are ethically sourced and lovingly hand created by Sarah in Mullumbimby.


As an alternative to our coffee and hot drinks we also offer a range of cold pressed juices and flavoured organic kombucha. We opted for Flat Earth Kombucha as it is developed locally in Burleigh Heads, contains raw fermented ingredients and probiotics and offer a variety of delicious flavours.

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